Vintage Costume Jewelry is Not the Same As Mall Fashion Jewelry

Vintage costume jewelry can be instantly identified by the keen eye that understands the huge difference between costume jewelry of the past and the cheap, machine made, mass produced fashion jewelry of the present found in department stores and malls.

While today’s fashion jewelry certainly has a place in the market and many woman like what it has to offer, it is no where near the quality of the vintage costume jewelry that was once produced by designers that are world renowned for their beautiful designs that were unique and not mass produced.

Originally vintage costume jewelry like earrings, bracelets, and necklaces were purchased in French boutiques by American soldiers who wanted to bring something beautiful home to their sweethearts, after WWI.

There were many American manufacturers that produced beautiful designs. Trifari and Coro are just two. Many of these vintage designs have become highly collectible and for some you can expect to pay more. They are certainly worth it.

The fashion jewelry of today is mass produced using the cheapest materials available, and will never go up in value. It will also never last long enough to appreciate in value. Vintage costume jewelry is quite the opposite. It was not mass produced and it used some of the best materials available. As a result it has become highly collectible and not only did it hold its value it continues to appreciate in value. You get a beautiful piece of jewelry and an investment all in one.

How much a vintage designer jewelry piece appreciates depends on who the designer was, what the design was, the condition of the piece, the availability of the piece and the demand for that piece.

Not everyone is seeking the same designer or the same piece. In fact not everyone even likes the same pieces. You might be surprised to learn that it doesn’t always matter if the piece is signed. Companies like Bergere and Hollycraft made many unsigned pieces and that certainly hasn’t depreciated their value.

There are many stunning designs made by these infamous designers. Choosing designs that you fall in love with is important. Don’t just choose a piece because you think it might become worth more. Sure that would be nice but you should be choosing pieces you will wear and enjoy. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself falling for many pieces by many designers.

Check the condition before buying. Pieces that have discolored or lost part of their finish will be worth less than those that are in pristine condition. Of course you can wear both. In fact, some of the worn pieces look wonderful as a shabby chic look with your favorite pair of jeans. Don’t not buy a piece because it is worn, after all that can be part of its true beauty.

Today’s run of the mill fashion jewelry that’s mass produced cannot compete with the uniqueness, individuality, and quality of the vintage costume jewelry. It really was another era but you can still enjoy it.